1. When you grab lunch at a drive-through restaurant, give the person who takes your order a printed invitation to church
  2. Make a new commitment to invite people every week. Make a checklist of people you often encounter: grocery clerk, boss, teacher, physical therapist, friend, yard guy, nail tech, relative, hair stylist, food server, dentist, mail carrier, employee, neighbor, etc.
  3. Try to spend some time walking outside: Walk your dog. Jog. Stroll. Walk to your mailbox instead of stopping at it in your car. It gives you an opportunity to go out and you will surely meet some people
  4. Your personal social media (Facebook, etc.) offers a great way to invite people. Post a photo, tell a story about how church impacts your life, link to the church website, or say “Join us Sunday at 10!” You never know who’s reading.
  5. Place church invitations and brochures at business entrance doors or at restaurants
  6. Deliver a welcome gift and church invitation to new move-ins in your community. As your apartment complex receptionist or landlord
  7. Plan a huge one-hour on the street or door to door blitz to invite residents in every home within a mile (or a block) of the church.
  8. Each time you go to the church building, click “check in” on your Facebook account.
  9. Add an extra line under your personal email automatic signature. It might say “Check out my awesome church: www.qfcstlnorth.com. Join me there next Sunday?
  10. Order car window stickers with the church’s name, or magnetic bumper stickers that say, “Follow me to First Love Church,” and share an invitation when someone asks about it.
  11. When you’re not sure whether they attend a church. Ask: I was wondering, do you go to church anywhere? If they answer yes, then the follow-up conversation is easy. That’s great! So happy to hear you have a church home. What church do you attend?
  12. When you know someone doesn’t attend a church. I’m curious—did you ever go to church when you were growing up? Follow up trying to understand the reason and see how you can help
  13. Pray Without Ceasing
  14. Make a List of people you are praying for to receive Jesus and know Him
  15. Dress up like a Star Wars character wherever there are people and take pictures with kids and families.  Give them a special invite card with the location they can download the picture.  You will have a blast and invite a bunch of people to church.
  16. At your workplace, offer to bring in enough donuts for everyone on Monday if only one person from work will attend with you on Sunday. You will be crowned the donut king, they will get credit for taking one for the team, and you’ll have a guest with you on Sunday! Win – Win – Win
  17. Plan play-dates with your children’s friends and parents.
  18. Look for the three NOTS and use that as an opportunity to invite: 
    • Things are Not going well, 
    • I was not prepared for and 
    • I am not from here