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Five Members get to enjoy a $500 scholarship this Fall

How To Apply For The Scholarship?

If interested,

  1. Get a recommendation letter from your Bacenta (Small Group) Leader
  2. Get a recommendation letter from your Basonta (Ministry) Leader
  3. Write an email explaining why and how the scholarship will help you this semester. This letter must show financial need.
  4. Send this email to scholarships@churchmms.com

How We Plan To Help You Pay Your School Fees?

  1. Please note that the first thing we will do is to help you find a job so you can have a sustainable way of paying your school fees
  2. The second thing we will do is to give you recommendations on how you can save some money
  3. When you still need, we will try to help

Timeline for Scholarship

  1. Deadline for application is the end of September (Fall) or February (Spring)
  2. Scholarships are distributed in October (Fall Semester) or March (Spring Semester)

If you don't get it this semester, you can apply every semester